Miraculous Life
The Universe is Change; Our life is what our Thoughts make it

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Imagine living a Miraculous Life

A life where obstacles
instantly vanish.

Where an abundance of
health, wealth and peace
of mind are at your fingertips.

What would that be like?

What if you could
instantly recognize and
get to the core
of limiting self-beliefs?

What if Miracles
were your every day norm?

They Can Be!


You can live a Miraculous Life and more.
Read on in these pages and discover Theta. Discover how Theta can radically change your being and those of others. Discover how ANYONE... Even YOU can learn this simple yet dynamic technique.

People have been transformed by Theta.
Cancers have disappeared, paralysis gone, money blockages removed and abundance flowing in, old patterns cease with a renewed spirit and zest for life, relationships restored.

Master Healer, International Teacher and Speaker, Life Coach, CHUCK DAVIS brings the Power of Theta to the world. His transformational individual sessions, free introductory evenings and weekend workshops are leaving people with purpose and hope again in their lives.

Experience life in Technicolor.
Explore these pages to discover more about Theta. Learn about FREE introductory evenings in your area. Book an appointment with Chuck.

Why Theta?

Over the last two years I have explored and learned various healing modalities. All were excellent but seemed to be missing a vital piece. The Theta modalities consist of whole methodologies required for instant healing and additional techniques to identify why instant healing does not occur so that a client can see and release beliefs so that they can heal. My sense is that Theta is the key to achieving peace on this planet!

Thank-you Chuck for sharing this great gift with me so that I may go on and share it with others.

Catherine Pagliaro...BBA,
ePMT, CEO-C.N. Wylie Group,

Vancouver Canada,